“I’ve seldom had the pleasure of working with someone so insightful, with perspectives on our consulting objectives in both thought leadership and client issues that were unique, surprising, thoughtful, and challenging. She was able to do this with a gracefulness that was inspiring to our associates. Karen never lacked energy and always strove for the best possible product of our combined endeavors. She will be a great asset to any organization.”
– Len Bellezza, Principal, Capgemini Consulting

“One of Karen’s greatest talents is bringing opportunities to life. She applies an actionable perspective to complex and abstract projects, as she did to enhance our field force’s ability to share best practices. Sales people share a lot of information and insights among each other informally, but there was no process for taking all of that knowledge and sharing it broadly to benefit the wider field organization. Karen was instrumental in putting structure and process where there was none. Today, our field-to-field communication has made our teams more efficient, more effective, and more profitable by using collaboration as a way to improve our call plan efforts. Karen proved herself to be effective in bringing professionals who traditionally behave independently together to become a tighter, more cohesive selling team.”
– Doxie Jordan, Vice President, Diabetes Sales South, Novo Nordisk Inc.

“Karen is a brilliant, insightful, analytical & creative talent. She has both the ability to do in-depth analysis, but is also creative & intuitive — a rare combination. She is a people person, too, easy to relate to, and work with. She has great respect for talent in others, and looks to get the most from the team.”
– James Schroer, Vice President & Lead Partner,  Marketing Practice, Booz Allen & Hamilton

“A rare blend of smart thinking, strong relationship/ interpersonal skill and strong knowledge in analytics… will be an invaluable asset to any company”
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
– Vipin Mayar, EVP, MRM/McCann Worldgroup

“Karen is a great strategic mind to add on to any team. Her intellectual curiosity, big-picture vision and quick grasp of essence of a problem at hand make her an ideal resource to work on quick turn around and high pressure projects. She has a keen mind of using analytics and research to inform the story telling and insights generation process and her output is always well structured and thus convincing. And her perseverance in getting access to the right data is a true asset for the project team. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for someone extremely smart, devoted, resourceful and at the same time simply fun and inspiring to work with!”
– Vivian Zhu, Senior Vice President, Director of Analytics, MRM Worldwide

“Extremely detail oriented and organized, Karen is an exceptionally talented strategic thinker who brings an in-depth knowledge of digital space combined with genuine enthusiasm to all of her assignments. I highly recommend Karen and hope to have an opportunity to work with her again in the future.”
– Sebastien Chalmeton, Vice President, Associate Director, Strategy & Analysis, Publicis Modem

“Strategic + Whatever It Takes To Get It Done = Karen Levine. When Karen worked for us at, she was able to make an immediate impact on our trade marketing presence, turning our Web 2.0 sponsorship into a success. But her strategic thinking is even more impressive than the long list of tactical, fire-drill successes she had while part of our team. Karen’s wide range of experience across media categories and platforms makes her ideal for just about any type of media company who needs strategic marketing help.”
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative
– Scott Meyer, CEO and President of

“At the very outset of our digital business, we hired Karen to help us understand and evaluate what was an unfamiliar online space to us. She worked hard – and smart – in what was an immensely tight timeline. Her research helped us come to some great learnings and ‘a-has’ which has been the foundation for the future development – and success – of our digital business. I would absolutely recommend Karen.”
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
– Suzanne Quint, Publisher, All You Magazine, Time Inc. 

“Karen is sharp, knowledgeable, and she delivers. I highly recommend her services.”
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value
– Steve Wax, Managing Partner at Campfire

“Karen accepted a contractual position to help with a new custom advertising solutions program I initiated to drive incremental revenues. That initiative crossed many departments- editorial, product, sales development, ad ops, marketing and sales- a very complex process. Karen, stepped in immediately and demonstrated her “quick-learn” skills on a large comprehensive web operation. Her insights on Marketing and her ideas for improving our product offerings allowed us to generate significant incremental revenues across a wide variety of advertiser categories. Additionally, her team orientation and communication skills to the various departments made for an easy transition and acceptance in’s complex, strategic initiative. Karen, is a driven, hard-working, knowledgeable team player that exceeded my expectations. That combined with her willingness to work pleasantly and effectively with all team members, make her a valued addition to any organization’s project team.”
– Nicholas Ricci, SVP Sales,

“Karen is a very succinct and creative strategist. I value her highly because of her unique abilities to provide accurate insights with attention to details as well as to portray a projection a future projection. She is a fasinating combination.”
Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, Creative
– Mitchie Takeuchi, President of Arc Media

“Karen was point person on several marketing projects for me. I found her to be very proactive, detailed and smart. She went above and beyond the expected and I always felt confident the job would be well done. I recommend Karen for any position that requires an analytical mind and a persistent pursuit of progress.”
– Tom Valasek, Vice President of Business Development, Time Warner Cable Media

“Karen and I collaborated on a daily basis when she was the director of product marketing for Time Warner Cable Media. Karen was instrumental in the creative development of ideas and concepts. She organized brainstorming sessions and worked closely with the creative team on establishing creative briefs, developing cross platform creative solutions, and overseeing execution, ensuring that creative was on point. I was impressed with how quickly Karen established relationships across the organization to navigate the entire company. She is innovative, resourceful and a pleasure to work with.”
– Ron Williams, Creative Director, Time Warner Cable Media

“There are two things that make Karen a tremendous resource. She has the rare ability to zoom in/zoom out on a particular subject and strong communication skills. This combination enables her to quickly grasp complex issues, without losing granularity, and then communicate the concepts across the entire spectrum of MarCom needs. Working with Karen, I was never left in the lurch, or out of the loop, and her output exceeded my expectations.”
– Hans Fischmann, Director of Digital Products, Time Warner Cable Media

“I worked with Karen when I was the head of ‘eBusiness for NBC, West Coast’ in the late 1990s. I was a client of Karen’s. She was an effective communicator, extremely well-organized, and she grasped difficult, wide-ranging issues with broad implications. She is a team player.”
Dan Harrison, Senior Vice President, Strategic Development, CBS

“Karen is an exceptional mentor and role model. During her time as an adjunct professor at NYU, I had the fortunate opportunity to take one of her undergraduate classes. She showed genuine interest in each student’s aspirations, and, as a result, cultivated my own personal interests from mere curiosity into real career goals.  Karen’s constant support, encouragement, and dedication to the success of others is definitely one of the reasons that I’ve accomplished the career goals that began in her classroom.”
– Sheridan Castro, Student, NYU Stern School of Business

“Karen is very knowledgeable in digital marketing and in the monetization of websites. She is both experienced in these areas and also applies creative thinking to identify and evaluate opportunities.”
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative
– Stuart Farr, Director, Not for Tourists

“Karen is swift and smart. She is always capable to depict the business/market situation and to make a sensible strategic recommendation. After work, Karen is also a fun person to hangout with.”
– Angela Chiu, Account Management, MRM Worldwide, McCann Worldgroup

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