Month: May 2012

Life in the City – the 24-Hour Fruit Stand

The 24 hour fruit stand outside my apartment has different proprietors over the course of the day and night. I really like the one during the day. He knows my routine as I whiz by in the morning, grabbing a banana and handing him 25 cents. Sometimes I buy on credit if I don’t have change.

The guy at night is creepy and pushy in an annoying way. Tonight, I picked out two bananas and handed him a dollar bill in the hope that he would give me 50 cents and let me continue to my home.

“Just two bananas?” he said.

“Yes,” I said. “As you can see, two bananas.”

He made a move for a bag of baby carrots in an attempt to upsell.

I put the bananas down, grabbed the one dollar bill out of his hand and left. I don’t need that constant pressure from my fruit guy!

Life in the city.