Location Based Services as a Means to Measure Mass Transit?

Normally, my commute from West 74th Street to 200 Hudson Street takes 20-30 minutes.  It requires taking two trains, the 2 or 3 train to 14th Street and the 1 train to Canal.  I could take the 1 train all the way, but since it is local, it would take more time, so I choose to optimize in this way.

Well, my commute this morning took 60 minutes.  Fortunately, I had my iPhone with which to write a number of substantive (in fact, VERY substantive) emails, as well as water and an apple.

My first train, the Express, got stuck between 34th Street and 14th Street.  For 30 minutes, I watched Locals fly by as we, on a track that was not adjacent to the platform, sat stranded.  When I arrived at 14th Street, a 1 train arrived relatively soon.  However, once the doors were closed, and we were (seemingly) on our way, the conductor announced that we would be making express stops – the next one being Chambers Street.  Moreover, we once again, were stopped between stations.

At Chambers Street, I crossed over the bridge to the uptown platform and, finishing up my email, hopped onto an uptown train.  Alas, it was an Express, which relatively quickly took me to… 14th Street.  At 14th Street, I crossed over to a 1 train that, obediently, took me to my original destination, Canal Street.

So, what in the world does this have to do with Foursquare!  Well, because I am what some might term an oversharer (I have the badge),  I had checked in at 72nd Street and, when I finally arrived at Canal, I checked in again.  Several minutes later, as I pulled my iPhone out of my bag to check in at 200 Hudson, I took a look and saw that I had started my journey one hour ago.  Ah, rapid transit.

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