Going Out or Getting Glued? – the newest must-have social app


I’ve just met the Mayor of the digital agency where I’ve been working. She recognized me as I was eating my 4-Minute FreshDirect microwavable meal and said, “I see you’ve been checking in on foursquare.”

Game on?

Actually, she seems quite nice, and I’m not just saying that because she might read this.

Evidently, there is a little bit of history behind the mayorship here. There was someone who held the post for some time, whilst three others competed to oust him. Finally, two of the competitors gave up and stopped checking in completely. Meanwhile, he left the agency, and hence the keys were passed to the woman I met by the microwave.

As we continued to chat while she heated up her Parmesan meatballs, I asked whether she was also a user of Get Glue, which she said, seems to be especially popular among her friends on the West Coast.

From what I can tell, GetGlue is foursquare for people who don’t leave their homes/apartments. You get to check in to entertainment activities like TV shows, like them and rate them. Lordy!

Specifically, as the founders describe it on their site, “GetGlue is an innovative social recommendation network for movies, books, and music. The GetGlue website provides a recommendation stream based on personal tastes, what friends like, and what’s most popular right now. The GetGlue browser addon brings filtered friend reviews, personal recommendations, and contextual content to popular sites around the web, such as Wikipedia, Amazon, IMDB, and hundreds more.”

You can use GetGlue by visiting the GetGlue.com site, by downloading the browser add-on for use on pages around the web, or by downloading the iPhone app. When you visit pages about books, movies, music, etc. you can click thumbs-up or thumbs-down on things you like or dislike. GetGlue will then suggest books, movies, music, etc. based on your personal tastes and what your friends like.

Evidently, the online/mobile application/website experienced 800,000 ratings/check-ins in the six days following the launch of its iPhone app, which, I’m told, is a big deal. One of the founders wrote recently that the lion’s share of the 800,000 number is ratings with check-ins averaging 1-5 per minute.

I started hearing about getglue a few weeks ago and in just the last 24 hours, it’s been ALL OVER Twitter. I guess I’d better give into peer pressure and download it. Plus, it sounds good because I consume a lot of media, e.g., tv… so it should be interesting.

I don’t think it would be so good for Dennis Crowley though. He seems to use foursquare predominantly when he’s out and about – and doing exciting things like watching the Spain-Germany World Cup match. Am I jealous???? Well, ok, just a little.

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