A Few Great Buys in Social Shopping

Just returned home from another great panel for Social Media Week, a Social Shopping Panel sponsored by Porter Novelli (full description at the end of this blog entry). This panel stood out as one of the best I have attended this week. Thank goodness I sent an email at midnight last night asking whether a seat had opened up. My other favorites were:

The Future of Space & Time hosted by Wired.com: Exploring trends in lifecasting and the proliferation of location based services.

Social Media & Haiti

and, one tier down:

Crowdsourcery Potions 101: Why Some Marketing Potions Fail and Others Thrive. JWT

Digital Cocktails: Keys To Social Media Success: Expert panelists in the field of social media and viral communications offered insights and guidance to what works and what doesn’t in creating successful social media and viral campaigns. A discussion of tools, techniques and ideas from the “masters.”

So, I have about 1/2 hour that I have carved out between this morning’s panel, this afternoon’s business meeting and tonight’s panel (Is the The Future F#cked? at Deep Focus with Ian Schafer). Please excuse, therefore, the business casual state of these notes:

More data was created in 2009 than in the entire preceding history of the Internet.

This was also mentioned on Tuesday night’s Digital Cocktails panel.

In the Sex and the City film, Carrie wore a custom made, one-of-a-kind dress created for the specific dimensions of her body. In contrast, an online retailer recently made 140 wedding dresses available exclusively online

I don’t know whether these were copies of the Sex and the City dress or whether Charlotte – the speaker – was contrasting the Sex and the City example with the current willingness of women to buy high end, important fashion sight unseen and off the rack.”

Charlotte Kim, Founder of CovetedList.com:

The SEMANTIC WEB is a vision of information that is understandable by computers so that they can perform more of the tedious work involved in finding, sharing, and combining information on the web.”

There are three types of queries that represent the evolution of online information

Not sure whether these map to Web 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0; that seems to be the case:

1.0: Reference Query, e.g., Google

2.0: Group Think. What do others think? Example: Amazon. Puts you in a group of people with similar attributes or interests or buying behavior and tells you what they think as a group.

3.0: Me-Based Query: What is best for ME? That’s what’s enabled by the semantic web.

That is what will be possible through CovetedList.com: Social Shopping.

This is VERY cool!

So, as an aside, I have now been vindicated and, in fact, recognized as a personal innovator ahead of my time! for something I have been doing on Facebook. Starting in November of 2009, I discovered fabulous deals on designer dresses. I was picking up Missoni and Diane von Furstenberg dresses at Intermix and the DVF boutique for 70 and 60% off. Proud of and excited by my purchases, I created a photo album on Facebook, where I uploaded photos of the dresses that I tracked down via Google Image searches.

This proved to be a useful resource as I was able to get the input of friends when deciding what to wear for a specific occasion. Note that I was not asking for shopping advice; I had handled that myself, particularly because these dresses were on sale and in short supply. But I did solicit advice post purchase.

Later on, I did have opportunity to receive pre-purchase input when I uploaded a photo of an IKEA desk I was considering and was talked out of it by a (male) B-School classmate in LA. In addition, I used this tool to recommend a Fujitsu high speed scanner that was a life changing purchase for me. When I started doing this, I had some concern that Frolleagues – business colleagues who had also become friends at some level – might find it too “eccentric,” perhaps or personal, but I took the chance. I also had to suffer the comments of someone who thought it quite odd and a newcomer to Facebook who was asking to be my “Friend” asked, “Do other people do that???”

Aliza Freud, Founder and CEO of SheSpeaks (http://shespeaks.com)

Back in the 70s – did she really go back that far, or did I misremember – “no one” thought that people would be willing to shop online.

Open Discussion:

As with any online marketing, RELEVANCE is crucial.

This also has a common refrain over the course of the week as this population, in contrast to “Muggles” finds behavioral and other personalized marketing to offer benefits rather than being “creepy.” Muggles, by the way, refers to an entertaining terminology utilized in the Wired panel that differentiates “Techies,” e.g., early adopters from “Regulars,” aka “Muggles.”


Consumers have always sought out advice from their friends and trusted networks when it comes to shopping. In today’s networked world, social media is becoming an integral part of that experience. An increasing number of sites that offer community advice and reviews are gaining traction. Feeling good (or bad) about a purchase has become a public experience. Join us as we explore the intersection of social media and the shopping experience!

Panelists include:

Brooke Moreland, Co-Founder of Fashism
Brooke Moreland is the founder of Fashism.com, a site that let’s users get instant crowdsourced feedback on their style and fashion purchases.

Aliza Freud, Founder and CEO of SheSpeaks (http://shespeaks.com)
Aliza Freud, a recognized expert on marketing and women’s insights, is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SheSpeaks, Inc. (www.shespeaks.com). SheSpeaks creates and operates consumer communities for brands that drive insights and brand advocacy.
Following more than a decade in corporate, global brand management, Ms. Freud is acutely aware that in this era of increasing consumer control over media, marketers need to be smarter about winning consumers’ attention and about integrating rapidly-evolving social networking tactics into the marketing mix. She was inspired to create SheSpeaks in 2007, based on the principle that women would thrive in a dedicated online community where they could gather, connect with others and see the power of their voices in action. Since then, SheSpeaks has worked with leading brands, including Pepsi, P&G, Garnier, Heinz, Food Network, Philips, AOL and more, to launch, evaluate and generate buzz about their products and services among target audiences.

David Reinke, CEO and founder of StyleHop Corp (http://stylehop.com/enterprise)
David Reinke is a versatile general manager with over fifteen years experience in brand marketing, sales and operations within the consumer products and apparel industries. Currently, David is the CEO and founder of StyleHop, an innovative company that leverages social networking and specifically fashion enthusiasts to help retail apparel companies make better style-level inventory investments. Prior to founding StyleHop, he spent five years at Liz Claiborne. He was hired by the CEO after completing his MBA and accelerated through roles in operations, production, strategy, sales and planning. His last job at Liz was Vice President of DKNY Jeans where he managed a $70mm budget authorizing and negotiating all trade spending. While completing his MBA at Harvard, David was the President of the Retail & Apparel Club. Before business school David worked at Procter & Gamble in sales and brand management.

Charlotte Kim, Founder of CovetedList.com (http://covetedlist.com)

Moderated by Stephanie Agresta, EVP, Global Director Digital Strategy and Social Media at Porter Novelli (http://porternovelli.com)
Stephanie Agresta has been a force in the online marketing industry for nearly 15 years. An expert in social media, affiliate program management and Web 2.0 strategies, her mission is to connect people, ideas, products and services using digital technology in new and inventive ways. Stephanie has been instrumental in developing innovative digital media strategies for Fortune 500 brands including Microsoft, Windows Mobile and PepsiCo. Stephanie started her career with iVillage, a women-focused Web destination and one of the first sites to build community online. She went on to hold prominent sales, marketing and business development roles with Internet powerhouses such as Barnes & Noble, Register.com and SpaFinder. With Commerce360, a search marketing firm funded by First Round Capital, she launched an affiliate marketing division and served on a management team alongside nationally recognized technology executives. Stephanie comes to Porter Novelli after five years of developing her successful personal consultancy, forging partnerships with digital thought leaders and emerging technology companies. Representing the best of both worlds, she is known for combining innovation and insight with the accountability, focus and superior execution that Fortune 100 brands demand. Stephanie holds a master’s degree in public affairs from the University of Minnesota and a bachelor’s from Luther College. She blogs at internetgeekgirl.com and affiliate-karma.com/blog, and she tweets @stephagresta.

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