Hot Buttons

One of my co-workers had a dramatic reaction to an energy drink at work today. She was shaking uncontrollably, got faint and couldn’t move. By the time I came out of the conference room, the entire office had circled her desk. They had tucked her into her office chair with a blanket and were feeding her little bottles of water. Her left leg was like restless leg syndrome to the max, but I was told she was doing better than when this started. There was someone from building security who was on his walkie talkie, and they were all waiting for EMS to arrive.

Well, on a few occasions, I have had to call 911 while at home – once for an accident, once for a fire and once for a fainting spell – and the fire engine always arrived in about 7 minutes. However, in this case, it took forty-five minutes for the medics to arrive. My colleague didn’t have a doctor to call, and my doctor wouldn’t give advice to a non-patient. So, we were all kind of paralyzed, waiting for help. In any case, this extremely long preamble is an intro to some of my hot buttons, i.e., things I wish people didn’t do:

I hate it when…

(1) People don’t get out of the way for ambulances.

(2) People don’t move into the train to let other people get on.
(I WILL mow them down if I have to…)

… I’m sure the others will come to me


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