With All Due Respect…

With all due respect and in my humble opinion, this is something I would advise against including in a dating profile:

“…I love making out, have a passion for running, cooking, baking & movies.”

It seems to me that a person should “love” making out with a particular person, not as a independent concept – with all due respect.

Somehow, however this works:

“…I like sex, pizza with real olives, dogs, enough money for a good coffee, accordions, handmade things, good art, bad art that is better than good art, books…”

Women are desperate for men with a sense of humor – that and a good golden parachute.

I must say, I really like turn of phrase at the end of this self-description:

“I am bright, creative, grounded and realistically idealistic.”

On the other hand, when a 55 year old man (seeking a woman 35-50) uses the pseudoynm “YoungAtHeart,” it doesn’t make him seem youthful – in my humble opinion.

It seems that there are some men who feel that there are some women who have misled them through their online dating profiles:

“So I’ve been on a few dates with women that say they are petite… Being 5’2″ or under doesn’t constitute petite. Then there are the athletic/lean/fit types. Again…ladies….that means present not 10 yrs ago. And speaking of 10 yrs ago….even if you look younger than you appear… please use today’s age not the one represented in your old picture. Now please understand, I’m not perfect nor do I represent perfection…however… what you see is what you get….visually and on paper.”

Hmmmm… I wonder what kind of success he’s having with that siren’s song?

Are these sites spreading love or fueling the jadedness of the local NYC population? Have these online personas become their own bad will ambassadors?

In my case, I seem to benefit from this mass misrepresentation as the men I meet in person profess stunned amazement that I resemble my photos and physical description. One wonders but must be optimistic in the face of such sad, sad tales. On the other side, there are the increasing number of happy couples who are rumored to have met online. Are they the exception or the possibiity?

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