These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

My high school Latin teacher, Mr. Fiorella, used to say that a day in which you don’t learn something new is a day wasted. Thanks to the my continued addiction to audio podcasts, I am continuously learning. These are a few of my favorite pods:


Advertising Age’s Daily “Three Minute Ad Age” and other audio reports
– I fall in love with these a little more each day.
– Recommend “Inside the Mommy Blogger Business,” which includes a discussion of the Walmart Eleven Moms blogging hub.

Cynopsis Digital:
Alas, this was discontinued making it “Can’t Have.”

20 min. Yoga Sessions from
LOVE it. Can actually find 20 minutes for a yoga session – as opposed to the 2 hours required to take a 90 minute class at the gym.

New York Times Front Page:
GREAT way to stay on top of top news stories in the five minutes it takes to go from the doors of my elevator to the doors of the 1-2-3 subway line.


MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer – New Media News – Audio:
Be sure to adjust your volume level for this enthusiastic daily report


Cynopsis In Your Ear:
Crucial daily update if you’re in the cable TV space. If I had not listened today, I might have canceled my HBO subscription, not realizing the Bill Maher is coming back on air this week.

Satellite Guys.US – Satellite Guys Podcast:
Long and rambling. Essential when I was working on a pricing strategy for a cable TV network. Not highly relevant at the moment.


Apple Quick Tips:
Very helpful – video – short & sweet


BusinessWeek — Cover Stories:
LOVED “What’s a Friend Worth?” story that puts a dollar value on an individual’s social network (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
“The Risk-Takers” is worth a listen
“Could Google Fix Detroit” is a very interesting interview with “What Would Google Do?” author Jeff Jarvis

Today’s Business:

On the Media:
Many of these are about journalism rather than the business side of media; however, there was a very interesting piece about Twitter last summer. Bob Garfield is always entertaining and interesting – and super nice in person.

Weekend Business:
Long, in depth.


The Economist:
Always good to get a non-American perspective

Green 960 – Rachel Maddow:
Long but interesting

The Kelly Morris Yoga Podcast

President Obama’s Weekly Radio Address:
Often captures key addresses

Real Time with Bill Maher:
Loses something without the video

The Tudors:
Good to have when you’re waiting to be served at the Time Warner Cable office – video version. iTouch has incredible video quality. Not as visually explicit at the TV version, however. (Tudors is a little like soft porn.)

60 Minutes Podcast – The Full Broadcast:
A little difficult without the video.

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