In my Semi-Professional TV Watcher Opinion

A few thoughts:

“Surviving Suburbia” is hard to survive – just painful

“Better Off Ted” is quite good – quirky, good ensemble

The stalker wanna-be boyfriend in “United States of Tara” is getting a little corny

“The Tudors” is verging on soft porn. It’s getting a bit repetitive – marry, celebrate, behead, invite to court, ban from court, invite back to court, sleep with Lady in Waiting, behead someone else – but it’s still FANTASTIC – oh, and educational – all that English history and such

I believe that “In the Motherhood” originated as a webisode series on MSN – shame it’s already been canceled; though it was good, not great; if the woman from “Curb your Enthusiasm” has a a teenage child, why doesn’t she know how to take care of a baby?

I am repeatedly shocked at the sexual allusions on “Two and a Half Men.” I don’t think this would have existed on primetime 5-10 years ago. Do younger people get the jokes, or is it one of those things where the dirty jokes can go over the head of the highly impressionable? Why is it that we never see Charlie Sheen’s bare feet? All that said, GREAT show. Terrific ensemble.

Why has Bill Maher reduced the number of people on his panel? Does he have trouble getting guests? I really “admire” conservatives who have the nerve to go on the show.

Waiting for “Californication,” “Dexter,” “Diary of a Call Girl” and “Weeds” to return. Showtime has developed quite a lineup. Not sure what’s getting me to keep my “HBO” subscription. Just Bill Maher for the moment. The series with Edie Falco (Showtime?) looks like it will be a lot of fun.

“The New Adventures of Old Christine” is wonderful. Glad to see one of the Seinfeld team making it work. Great ensemble. Lots of warmth and humor.

“Gary Unmarried” is really cute. Good chemistry and timing. And the daughter is quite beautiful.

“The Mentalist” is super. As is “Life on Mars.” The only crime shows I watch. Both lead actors are worth the time spent watching. Another talented actor who masters an American accent (“Mentalist” and “House”).

I’m afraid I ODed on “House” during the endless marathons over the last six months. I hear I missed quite a dramatic plot twist last week. I see that the actress who died last season has been reincarnated on “Big Love” – one of HBO shows I watch.

Hmmm… might I be watching too much TV?

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