The Cat’s Meow

I met a beautiful, smart, single woman today while eating dinner at one of my favorite places. I mentioned that I am single, and she asked what type of man I am looking for. I gave her a few high level thoughts, and she encouraged me to develop and write down a more specific list of what’s important. How can you achieve something that you haven’t defined? she asked. I asked to see her list, she had it on her Blackberry, and this is what it said:

35-45 6’0″ 175lb Well-built ‘David’ type Dark hair Athletic
Brilliant Sweet Funny Caring
Wonderful Generous Spontaneous
Loving Passionate
Loyal Faithful
In love with me/my fam
Wants children now
Successful Wealthy Business-oriented Self-sufficient Self-made
Can help me with my ambitions
Great/aggressive in bed
Talented Loves music
Good family Good b/g/education
Interesting job/life
Masculine with a sensitive side
Makes me feel laugh
Doesn’t hold grudges
No emotional or psychological issues

Thinks I’m the cat’s meow

— An interesting approach. Maybe I’ll give it a try.

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