iTouch My Blog, and It’s OK

Can I compose a blog entry on an iPod?

I am sitting in the waiting area of Maxwax, a fabulously focused salon directly across the street from my apartment and above the lusciously dangerous Levain Bakery; and I am playing with my new Apple iTouch.

Now, I realize as I write this that that “playing with my iTouch” sounds a bit racy (particularly when I mention that I like to do so in bed), but it’s really quite innocent, and perfectly fine to do in public. In fact communicating via iTouch or simply occupying myself with it in a public area is more appropriate I would suggest, than having a personal conversation on a mobile phone, but I digress.

The point of this entry is the synergy (dare I say convergence) among three imperatives:

(1) I have not been able to find “coherent” time to write blog entries. A review of some recent entries from the wee hours of the morning will demonstrate what I mean by coherent.

(2) I am always looking for productive ways to use packets of time such as this one when I had the audaciy to show up at the salon without an appointment.

(3) Use of my Blackberry 8830 keyboard over the past year has resulted in significant physical difficulties (arm, neck, shoulder), which has greatly hindered my yoga practice and cost real money in massage therapy. I am finding the light touch of the iTouch to be quite refreshing.

Whoops – gotta go! Time to get dipped and ripped.

Sent from my iPod

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