Month: July 2008


My iPod Touch and Apple Air are changing my life. They have opened me up to the daunting world of iTunes — well, daunting from the pc perspective, which requires software downloads and music library duplication and all sorts of impositions. But now I have an 8 gig ipod iTouch that has replaced my 1 gigabyte Sandisk MP3 player (that used up several batteries a day), and a whole new world has opened up to me. In addition, fortuitously, my client location shifted from Herald Square to Chelsea Market, and my commute went from 15 minutes to 25 minutes. I say fortuitously because I have become a podcast junky.

When I purchased my BlackBerry last August, I thought that I would be reading daily newsletters from and eMarketer on the subway and would be reading the digital version of the New York Times. But, alas, the version of paidcontent that came through to me was predominantly text links to content I could not access underground. It’s ironic how I yearned for the days of text e-mails before html became the standard.

In addition, I wasn’t always in a position to read my BlackBerry on the subway as I was often pinned against the door with my arms at my sides holding on to my bags for dear life — the life of my possessions that is. So the increased productivity that came with my smart phone was only partially realized.

The Blackberry 8830 with Verizon coverage had been definitively recommended to me by Shelly Palmer (of and daily MediaBytes). Although Shelly felt compelled to remain at the cutting edge by purchasing an iPhone himself, he did not wish it upon me. And, having been paralyzed by the smart phone options before me for years (I referred to them as PDAs), I was happy to get definitive advice.

Well, my 8830 was life changing. It made me mobile. It made me free. While there is a conception that “CrackBerries” take you captive by making you always reachable and always working, I have found it quite liberating. Instead of feeling compelled to check my e-mail as I enter my home, I can go directly to watching mind numbing television – or eating that chocolate chip walnut cookie from Levain Bakery – without having to boot up my molasses-like Toshiba Satellite Pro. (Now that takes you captive!) Moreover, while I had recently missed out on an engagement because I did not see the e-mail in time (a few hours gave someone else the edge), the Blackberry paid for itself within a week through a fabulous project that would never have closed had it not been for my 24-7 on-the-road reachability.

But, as always, I digress.

The point of this blog is the joy of podcasting. In just the past few days I have signed up for pods from: Knowledge at Wharton (maybe I can retroactively take a class with that most popular professor Jeremy Siegel, whose class I placed out of), NPR (I’ll never miss “On the Media” again), Cynthia Turner’s Cynopsis (gosh, I hope that cable network pricing study sells!), and the New York Times (Weekend Business section, here I come!). Now if I could only figure out how to (a) sync my ball and chain PC, ipod and MacBook Air and (b) delete the podcasts I’ve listened to from my ipod.

It’s a shame Apple doesn’t offer podcasts of its user manuals!

iTouch My Blog, and It’s OK

Can I compose a blog entry on an iPod?

I am sitting in the waiting area of Maxwax, a fabulously focused salon directly across the street from my apartment and above the lusciously dangerous Levain Bakery; and I am playing with my new Apple iTouch.

Now, I realize as I write this that that “playing with my iTouch” sounds a bit racy (particularly when I mention that I like to do so in bed), but it’s really quite innocent, and perfectly fine to do in public. In fact communicating via iTouch or simply occupying myself with it in a public area is more appropriate I would suggest, than having a personal conversation on a mobile phone, but I digress.

The point of this entry is the synergy (dare I say convergence) among three imperatives:

(1) I have not been able to find “coherent” time to write blog entries. A review of some recent entries from the wee hours of the morning will demonstrate what I mean by coherent.

(2) I am always looking for productive ways to use packets of time such as this one when I had the audaciy to show up at the salon without an appointment.

(3) Use of my Blackberry 8830 keyboard over the past year has resulted in significant physical difficulties (arm, neck, shoulder), which has greatly hindered my yoga practice and cost real money in massage therapy. I am finding the light touch of the iTouch to be quite refreshing.

Whoops – gotta go! Time to get dipped and ripped.

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