Fahrenheit 88: It’s ComingTogether

It’s 88 degrees here in sunny New York, and I’m reaching the time of day when I must get away from my window and retreat into the nether regions of my apartment. Having moved my car into a sweet unmetered parking spot that is good until Friday, I settled into the writing of my survey on high resolution business projectors.

Since I completed the survey yesterday — translating it from a Japanese translation of a very long survey to one that is user-friendly — my client forwarded a completely new list of the questions. Much of my work was for naught, but I can see the end of the tunnel now and will soon be onto the next stage of the project — recruiting and tapping industry experts. I had thought this project was relevant to my media & entertainment focus only in that the client is an ad agency, but, as I get up to speed on the high resolution lingo & technology — XGA, SXGA, WXGA, SVGA and all that – I see it all coming together — once again. The world I have chosen is at the nexus of media, marketing and technology.

It all started when I was asked to create an overview of mobile marketing trends & practices for a magazine client. That led me to the world of SMS, MMS, MVNO and all those wireless abbreviations. A later engagement for a television network brought me a knowledge of multi-channel, satellite and telco television — nonlinear, of course. And now, it’s all about pixels — which, of course, ties back to my high definition television engagement. That’s only a small part of the technology I’ve inhaled over the past two years. It’s very heady.

I am deeply entrenched in two books at the moment (as well as “Freakonomics”): “Television Disrupted” by Shelly Palmer and “The Long Tail” by Chris Anderson. In addition, I’m listening to the executive summaries of a number of current business titles, more and more of which have a technological element to them. (The terms of the day are “wiki” and “open source,” and I can’t go a day without hearing about my IM buddy Jimmy Wales.)

I once had my skills evaluated to identify the best career. I was advised that with strong spacial visualization and math skills, I could have been an engineer. Ok, this isn’t the same thing, but it’s coming together. Exciting stuff.

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