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I’ve just come from a meeting with Bill Sobel ( the founder of NY:MIEG (New York Media Information Exchange Group) and have been shamed into finally launching my own blog and sharing my fascinating life, work and observations with the cyber world.

Bill tells me that I can write as much or as little as I like, so here’s a few sentences about July 9th, 2007 in the world of Karen Levine, founder of Triple Play Consulting: Media, Marketing & Strategy.

My most active engagement is for the research arm of a Japanese advertising agency. I don’t actually know the end client, but I think that is a good thing. It keeps me honest and makes things a little more mysterious. I have been asked to identify and tap six experts across four countries who are knowledgeable about the high definition business projector market. These are the products manufactured by Epson, Hitachi and the like. I have made good progress identifying and reaching out to experts in the U.S. and have made some progress in the U.K. My next priority is France and Germany.

However, in the meantime, I am focusing my efforts on creating the survey. I have received the English translation of a survey written by the Japanese agency. My immediate task is to “translate” this into American English and an easy-to-answer survey without losing any of the information my client wants to gather.

I have made good progress but was interrupted today by the need to replace the brake light on my car within 48 hours of being pulled over Saturday night. And it was a lovely 90 degree day to do it. I didn’t mind the logistics of it so much as having to give up my perfect, perfect parking spot and ending up at a metered location.

So, I’ll refuel now with an organic dinner entree of some kind and revisit my survey in time to send it to Tokyo for an initial review. Working with a Japanese client is like collaborating with the tooth fairy or the elves who helped out that cobbler. I e-mail the work I’ve completed before I head off to bed, and when I awake, I am treated to comments and insights from across a number of ponds.

Much more to say. We’ll leave that for another installment of Karen Levine on Media.

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